Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Cotton Mill Mini CD Sessions!

Cottonmill (3) The Cotton Mill mini CD sessions are back! This is a historic cotton mill from the early 1900’s. It is my FAVORITE location to take pictures! With a great mixture of old vintage with remodeled new, you will find exactly the feel you are looking for here for your pictures! Attached are some pictures I have taken here in the past. I tried to pick ones that show just how wonderful this place is :) There is a little more to photographing here, so here are all the details and the not so fun info :)

*The sessions will be on Sunday, OCTOBER 21, 2012. Each session will be 35 minutes long and include a CD with ten retouched and enhanced images, as well as all the proofs from the session (usually about 25+ more fun candid images).

*Each 35 minute session is $260 (additional fee for groups over 6 people). Due to The Cotton Mill’s rental fee, there is a $60 non-refundable and non-transferable deposit to reserve your time.

*The Cotton Mill also requires every person to sign a waiver and have it turned in three days prior to your visit (children must be added to their guardian’s waiver). They are VERY strict about this and will NOT let us on the premise without this being done right. Because of this, I am requesting waivers to be turned into me at the time you pay your $60 deposit to reserve your time. They are really easy to print off their website

*The High Resolution CD with all your images will be ready by November 4th at the latest and will include shared copy write release. This will make it easy for you to order your own holiday cards and prints. If you would like help with either, I am always available to answer any questions or do orders for you too. I also have a list of wonderful vendors I use!

I think that pretty much wraps up all the dirty details.

Here are the times. Please call me at 214.280.2122 or email me at to reserve your date!

9:40, 10:20, 11:00, 11:40, 2:20, 3:00, 3:40, 4:20 and 5:00 Cottonmill (1)Cottonmill (12.8)Cottonmill (13)Cottonmill (12)Cottonmill (41) Cottonmill (2)Cottonmill (4.5)Cottonmill (5.5)Cottonmill (4)Cottonmill (7)Cottonmill (6)Cottonmill (8)Cottonmill (9)Cottonmill (30) Cottonmill (12.5)Cottonmill (18)Cottonmill (20)Cottonmill (10)Cottonmill (17)Cottonmill (16)Cottonmill (22)Cottonmill (25)Cottonmill (26)Cottonmill (32) Cottonmill (21)Cottonmill (27)Cottonmill (29) Cottonmill (25.2)Cottonmill (31)Cottonmill (34.5)Cottonmill (11)Cottonmill (33)Cottonmill (34)Cottonmill (35)Cottonmill (36)Cottonmill (37)Cottonmill (38)Cottonmill (40)Cottonmill (42)Cottonmill (45)Cottonmill (46)Cottonmill (47)Cottonmill (48)Cottonmill (49)Cottonmill (50)Cottonmill (51)Cottonmill (52)Cottonmill (53)Cottonmill (54)Cottonmill (55)

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