Thursday, April 21, 2011

Father Son Moments on the Beach!

Carter-(67)-enhancedWhat is better than two year old pictures on the beach? Two year old pictures on the beach with Daddy! This session was such a blast. We had so much fun that my cheeks hurt from smiling behind the camera! Carter-(15)Carter-(2)Carter-(4)-enhanced-2 Carter-(8)Carter-(22)Carter-(26)  Carter-(10)-enhancedCarter-(21)-enhancedCarter-(39)Carter-(51)Carter-(61)-copyCarter-(74)-croppedCarter-(52)

The Waves!

On a recent vacation to Crystal Beach (TX), I took a few portraits before putting my camera away to enjoy my sister-in-laws wedding renewal as a guest :-)

This one was a lot of fun and ended with the little guy getting a tiny bit wet :) Actually, they all got a tiny bit wet, but the little guy’s expressions were priceless!Sebastian Hodges-(3)-enhanced-2Hodges-(26)-enhancedHodges-(29)Hodges-(31)Hodges-(33)Hodges-(34)Hodges-(36)Hodges-(41) Hodges-(50)Hodges-(39)Hodges-(44)Hodges-(48)Hodges-(54)Hodges-(24)