Saturday, April 25, 2009

Around town!

You'll be seeing new car magnets while I buzz around town. I designed two new car advertisement magnets.
Check them out and let me know which you like best!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Archiver's Store Display

I am soooo excited!! A portrait I took is a STORE DISPLAY for ARCHIVER'S. We don't have them down here, but they are big up North. I could not be more happy! The last few weeks have been crazy busy for my business and this is just the icing on the cake!

Introducing Portraits by Kym Blog

With much loving pressure from my family and fans :) I am finally starting my Portraits by Kym Blog!! My business has been taking off and I wanted to share all my excitement with you all! I have been blessed with such a great opportunity to do something I LOVE! It is the best felling when I get to share the portraits with my customer for the first time. This blog will allow me to share that feeling, pride and passion with everyone!

A brief introductory of me :)

I am a mother of two who is deeply and truly in love with the people around me. I am blessed to share my passions with people through Portraits. I grew up in Maple Grove, Minnesota, married my true love and moved to McKinney, Texas. Quite the adventure! God has provided us with so much and allows me to spend my days loving up on my family, dancing with my daughter, singing and celebrating life with my family! I get the unique opportunity to see life happen thru the lens of a camera with my own company, Portraits by Kym. I established Portraits by Kym when I was living in Minnesota shooting weddings, seniors and other activities outside of the studio I was working for. I always dreamed of someday having my own studio, which has been amazing to see come true! I am incredibly passionate about photography and feel so blessed to get to do it for a living. On a personal note, I love anything chocolate, family, friends, laughter, song, and dance. These are the things life is about and I love living it!