Sunday, July 26, 2009

Avondale Paperie

This week I shot some product shots for Avondale Paperie. Beautiful custom invitations and stationary. Stacey Mellgren creates every invitation herself and has such a phenomenon talent!

Monday, July 20, 2009

On Friday I did some portraits of a young lady at Adriatica. Here are some of my favorites from that session!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wedding Day Photography Checklist

Choosing a photographer is only one big component of getting the portraits you desire to capture your magical day. A fantastic photographer can capture all your wedding memories and allow you to reminisce about that extraordinary day with just one glance. Whether you are looking for a more photojournalist (candid) style, a traditional (posed) style, or a combination of both, it is important you know what you are wanting photographed. This will ensure you at least receive all the basic wedding day portraits you wish for. I have attached a simple wedding day photography checklist. As a photographer, I use this list as a starting point for all my brides and grooms to work off of. I do many journalistic portraits that are not on this list, but the list allows the photographer to know exactly what “posed” portraits the couple is wanting. I recommend customizing this list to your specific wedding day needs. This is the best way to take any concern out of your wedding day portraits. Remember, it may be necessary to add and remove things from the list to make your wedding portfolio what you have been dreaming of.

Wedding Day Portrait Checklist Sample:
Bride Alone
Bride and Dad
Bride and Mom
Bride and Her parents
Bride and Groom with Bride’s Parents
Bride and Groom with Bride’s family (optional with Grandparents)
Bride and Groom with Bride’s Grandparents
Bride and Sister / Bride and Brother (optional Bride with all siblings)
Bride’s parents alone
Three Generation photo (Bride, Mom, and Grandma)

Groom Alone
Groom and Dad
Groom and Mom
Groom and Parents
Bride and Groom with Groom’s Parents
Bride and Groom with Groom’s family (optional with Grandparents)
Bride and Groom with Groom’s Grandparents
Groom and Brother / Groom and Sister (optional Groom will all siblings)
Groom’s Parents alone
Three Generation photo (Groom, Dad, and Grandpa)

Bride and Groom
Bride, Groom, Maid of Honor, and Best Man
Bride and Maid of Honor
Bride and Bridesmaids (optional bride with each bridesmaid)
Bride with Flower girl
Groom with Best Man
Groom and Groomsmen (optional groom with each groomsman)
Groom and Ushers (optional with each usher individually)
Groom with Ring bearer
Entire Bridal Party with and without Ushers
Gag Shots of the Bridal Party
Any Bridal Party couples

Mother of Bride and Groom being escorted down the Aisle
Each Bridesmaid/Groomsman walking down the Aisle
Maid of Honor/Best Man walking down the aisle
Flower girl and Ring bearer walking down the aisle
Bride and Dad walking down the aisle
Dad’s kiss good-bye
Long group picture from the rear
Exchanging of Rings
Candle Lighting
Couples First Kiss
Other Religious traditions
Bride and Groom walking down the aisle

Guest signing book
Candid of Bride and Groom with family and friends
Best Man and Maid of Honor Entrance (optional wedding couple shoot)
Flower girl and Ring Bearer Entrance
Bride and Groom Entrance
The Cake
Bride and Groom kissing with cake in composition
Bride and Groom hand’s over cake showing rings
Bride and Groom cutting the cake
Bride and Groom feeding each other
Best Man toasting / Maid of Honor toasting
Bride and Groom with Best Man toasting / Maid of Honor toasting
Bridal Party Table
The Two Parent’s tables
Bride and Groom first dance
Bridal Party dancing
Parents / Grandparents dancing
Bride and Dad / Groom and Mom dancing
Bride tossing the Bouquet
Groom Removing the Garter
Groom tossing the Garter