Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pregnancy Glow!

Christie-(10) Today I took maternity pictures and actually got time to blog about it :) I know I have been terrible about blogging my sessions, but vow to get better as soon as I have my baby…in two more weeks! In the meantime, here are the maternity pictures I took of a dear friend and fellow mother-to-be. Thirty  eight weeks pregnant never looked so beautiful!Christie-(1)Christie-(3)Christie-(2)Christie-(4)Christie-(5)Christie-(6)Christie-(7)Christie-(8)Christie-(9)Christie-(12)Christie-(11)Christie-(13)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Braden’s Three Year Old Portraits…

Braden (54) better late than never :) After a groin injury (while shooting portraits in Minnesota), I have been a kind of benched when it comes to taking pictures. I knew I needed to get Braden’s three year old pictures done, so I decided to give it a try on Wednesday. Ellaina had her first day of school, so it was just a Braden and Mommy day anyway. After giving hugs and kisses to Ellaina, Braden and I headed to the railroad tracks in downtown McKinney. He was quite playful and had so much fun on walking on the tracks. On our way home, we stopped by a brick wall I really liked and took a few more close up shots. He looks so grownup and handsome. My little Brad-man is looking more and more like Daddy :)Braden (1) ehnacedBraden (4)Braden (7)Braden (9)Braden (11)Braden (23) enhancedBraden (26)Braden (16)Braden (36)Braden (44)Braden (48)Braden (67) enhancedBraden (64)Braden (61)Braden (62)Braden (58) enhanced 2Braden (57)Braden (63)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Father Son Moments on the Beach!

Carter-(67)-enhancedWhat is better than two year old pictures on the beach? Two year old pictures on the beach with Daddy! This session was such a blast. We had so much fun that my cheeks hurt from smiling behind the camera! Carter-(15)Carter-(2)Carter-(4)-enhanced-2 Carter-(8)Carter-(22)Carter-(26)  Carter-(10)-enhancedCarter-(21)-enhancedCarter-(39)Carter-(51)Carter-(61)-copyCarter-(74)-croppedCarter-(52)

The Waves!

On a recent vacation to Crystal Beach (TX), I took a few portraits before putting my camera away to enjoy my sister-in-laws wedding renewal as a guest :-)

This one was a lot of fun and ended with the little guy getting a tiny bit wet :) Actually, they all got a tiny bit wet, but the little guy’s expressions were priceless!Sebastian Hodges-(3)-enhanced-2Hodges-(26)-enhancedHodges-(29)Hodges-(31)Hodges-(33)Hodges-(34)Hodges-(36)Hodges-(41) Hodges-(50)Hodges-(39)Hodges-(44)Hodges-(48)Hodges-(54)Hodges-(24)