Monday, February 28, 2011

What you don't see in a Portrait :)

I pride myself on capturing the personalities of children. Some of my favorite shots are the ones the kids don't even know I am taking. I enjoy documenting the sessions too, but with this session, you would have never known how it went down...or came up. The poor little guy ended up getting sick during the session. His mommy took one for the team and scooped him up, catching all his sickness in her shirt and arms. This isn't the first time...or the last time a kid has gotten sick during a session. Prior to moving to Texas, I worked about four years at a very busy children portraits studio. During the holidays, many parent's would bring sick kids in, to make sure they still got their Christmas picture done. The big difference here is that the little guy wasn't showing any signs of being sick. He was as playful as can be at the beginning of the session, which made for some cute pictures :)Dyer-(28) Dyer-(11)Dyer-(4)Dyer-(2)Dyer-(17) Dyer-(19)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snow Angels!

aAutumn & Brian

It might have been only eleven degrees out, but this couple kept it fun and hot! This session was a wonderful way to start the New Year, while I was still home in Minnesota for the holidays. They were so cute and such troopers. Even willing to get a little snowy!Autumn & Brian (1)Autumn & Brian (2)Autumn & Brian (3)Autumn & Brian (4)Autumn & Brian (5)Autumn & Brian (6)Autumn & Brian (7)Autumn & Brian (8)Autumn & Brian (9)Autumn & Brian (10)Autumn & Brian (11)Autumn & Brian (12)Autumn & Brian (13)Autumn & Brian (14)Autumn & Brian (15)Autumn & Brian (16)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Family Fun!

Grubb-(7)-enhanced-vintageThis was just one of my favorite family sessions from the holiday season. I am finally getting time to post some of them and had to start with this one. Every time I look at these  pictures, I think of how much fun we had. This is such a great family and I loved the way they loved on each other!Grubb-(88)-enhanced-IIGrubb-(110)-vintageGrubb-(55)-enhancedGrubb-(12)-retouchedGrubb-(75)-enhancedGrubb-(19)-enhancedGrubb-(3)-retouchedGrubb-(25)-enhancedGrubb-(14)-enhancedGrubb-(54)-retouced